so that構文If the human brain were so simple that we could understand it, we would be so simple that we couldn’t.

【asの用法 】– 時、理由、比例、様態、譲歩

Translating a poem into another language is, as almost  everyone who has done it knows, a difficult business.

【語法】tell型I want to tell him my feelings.

【熟語】let alone、not to mention

He can’t speak in front of her, let alone date her.

used to、be used to、受動態

My father used to play golf in the past, but he no longer does so.


Any flavor of ice cream at 31 will give you much satisfaction.

【熟語】 be supposed to/be going to /be likely to/be to do /be sure to –

【熟語】 be supposed to/be going to /be likely to/be to do /be sure to –

I am sure that he will be promoted.

I am going to examine the current system and restructure it, if necessary.

【動名詞】動名詞をとる動詞He resented being neglected.

【前置詞句】文の要素になれる??+役割Tokyo is among the biggest cities in the world.

price/salaryの修飾The salary is high but the job is very demanding.

Consider it done.

Another method of treatment, originally pioneered by Sigmund Freud, is psychoanalysis.


In many ways it remains a mystery to us.


Scientists expected that these global weather changes will  create stronger storms and sudden flood in some areas,  while  others will see harsher droughts or dryness.


Heavy rainfall can cause seashores to overflow in some regions, while drought can cause dry lands in others.


This has increasingly become buzzword in the five years or so.

【論理構造、訳し方】more than

I wanted to do more than simply leave it to my teammates.


I wanted badly to win.

【省略】Each child should be appreciated individually – though not necessarily equally – and should be praised as if he were an only child.


At the heart of this ruling is the principle that identifying death has to be carried out in the same manner for all people in society, even if people choose to understand life in different ways.(名古屋大学入試問題引用)


After almost dropping the expensive glass vase, James decided not to touch any other objects in the store.

Each child should be appreciated individually – though not necessarily equally – and should be praised as if he were an only child.

I have had a smooth sailing life so far.

What made you say so?
Why did you say so?


Adversity makes you stronger.


I’m fed up with your excuses.

Please have the actual notice, in the format in which you would like it to appear, with you when you arrived.


All content must be suitable for public display.

We will experience excessively hot weather during the summer, while slightly colder weather will be felt during the winter.

Ryoko is much taller than Aya.
Ryoko is even taller than Aya.

There was a scilence.

am I on wifi?
Am I on WiFi?

I will be careful not to crease any garments such as shirts.

Couldn’t Be Better
How are you?
Couldn’t be better.

can’t be と must be
The suspect’s testimony must be true.
The suspect’s testimony can’t be true.



My father suggested that my son study English hard at university.

almost/most/almost all of/most of
Probably  most of the people here commute to Nagoya.
Probably  most people here commute to Nagoya.
Probably almost all people here commute to Nagoya.

hardly ever/hardly any
There is hardly any time left.

I had good luck.

【仮定法】If were not for –
If it had not been for your help, I would have been failed  the test.

With all the good and hard things, happiness lives right where you are.

can’t help ~ing/can’t help but~
I cannot help eating a snack.

Despite the heavy rain, I have to go to the office.

no matter what, no matter how
No matter how much time goes by, I love you.
No matter how much we resist it, sleep conquers us in the end.

Whatever job you get,do it as best you can.

Worst of all is the realization
that —

Poverty is a relative, not an absolute concept.

Vania is from a country whose official language is Spanish.

Ken painted the wall in indigo, which color is close to violet.
Which color do you like?
What color do you like?

Heaven helps those who help themselves.

worth -ing
It’s worth a try.
It’s worth trying.

I saw Yuuki, who graduated from the University of Tokyo.


Let the reason be known to the group.(ただよひより引用)


Tokyo was the city (   ) I visited two years ago.
Tokyo was the city (    ) I went .
Tokyo was the city (    ) which I went to
Tokyo was the city (    ) which I went  .

【対比】as opposed to
Life is more manageable when thought of as a scavenger hunt as opposed to a surprise party. – Jimmy Buffet.

She seemed to be filled with anxieties the cause of which I couldn’t imagine.

I don’t know the way (which) she got famous in.
I don’t know the way in which she got famous.
I don’t know how she got famous.
I don’t know the way she got famous.

This picture always remind me of the old days.

【構文】not so much A as B、not so much as V
An engineer seeks not so much to know nature as to use it.

in the morning/on the morning
I’ll have a meeting on the morning of the 13th

I got my teacher to correct my English composition.

some,others,one,the othetr
Some people like to see movies at theaters, but others like to stay home and watch movies on DVD.

More than 500 construction workers  have been hired for the project.

couldn’t be better
I couldn’t agree more.

【熟語】make sure
I’ll make sure it’s never out of my sight again


as soon as

As soon as you set your mind
on doing something,
you hear your voice of denial.
Don’t let it distract you and
look ahead.
Let the creative juices flow.

Some people say dress for the job you want. I say dress as the man you wanna be.

【因果】【熟語】turn around
During his time at Terra Corp., Edward turned around two troubled divisions

After school is the time for playing tennis.

He uses up all salt he had

Japan has undergone a drastic change as a result of industrialization. / 日本は工業化の結果、急激な変貌を経験した。

I hate when random people say athletes shouldn’t get involved with politics and just entertain. Firstly, this is a human rights issue. Secondly, what gives you more right to speak than me? By that logic if you work at IKEA you are only allowed to talk about the “GRÖNLID”(おおさかなおみ選手ツイート引用)

She is vulnerable,but powerful.

There are many police here.
There is a police officer here.



Many students study with little thought about what comes after their study session.

Given the weather,the game might be canceled.

The service technician was supposed to activate a device.

The scientist was abducted soon after the invention of an interactive robot.

I was interested in the TV show.

Unable to speak English,I was at a loss

【熟語】The chances are that ~
The chances are that the boss may send you to California

It is-for 人 to~/It is-of 人 to~
It is not good for men to get all they wish to get. It is disease that makes health pleasant and good, hunger satiety, weariness rest.


little did I imagine at that time that ~

I have given up trying to be a perfect partner.

We pass 15,000,000 Tests Today,by far the most in the World.

【論理構造】not A but B /not only A but also B
構文】enough to/ too … to
It is hard enough to remember my opinions,without also remembering my reasons for them.Friedrich

【単語】celebrate/ congratulate
【単語】「影響する」effect, affect, influence, impact, inspire
This past Monday, May 4, was Star Wars Day. The holiday began in 2011 to celebrate the film series and its influence on popular culture.(VOA)

Stress may be among the most common migraine triggers.
We could not live without the little lie.

【熟語】as with most everything else
As with most everything else, the COVID-19 crisis hit U.S. public education hard.

It’s a beautiful day and I can’t see it.

【論理構造】not A but B /not only A but also B
I don’t want to but they make me .

【代名詞 】one
I’ll take 5minutes of a situation I can control ,over 50 years of one I can’t any day.

【熟語】 be supposed to/be going to 〜
I ‘ m supposed to go there tomorrow.

I’m in a sweat
I’m in a panic

I want to get into Tokyo University

We often call this kind of work “spring cleaning.”

・ I am considering going to Spain on vacation.

・Grandmother explained how to make a kite.


・ Working from home spares us the trouble of clocking in and clocking out.

【論理構造】as well as/not only A but also B
・He’s not just great. He’s one of the best baseballplayer in the world

・The official test guide is required reading for learners.

・They established a law that make it illegal to drive after drinking any amount of alcohol.

【熟語】thinking of ways to –
Are you thinking of ways to pass the time and improve your English? In our electronic age, an old-fashioned kind of activity might be just what you need.(VOAから引用)

【指示代名詞 】those他
【論理構造】as well as/not only A but also B
You can help those in trouble not only by making a donation but also by doing a volunteer work

【定型表現】 I mean ~
Even one of them recently said that President Trump made promises but he’s kept many more promises. I mean,far more than I made
【論理構造】as well as
Scientists as well as zoologists are interested in the question of animal intelligence.

Many were dismayed by the town’s implementation of matered parking.

【熟語】neither A nor B
Neither an apology nor a letter will be sufficient.
The love of a mother for her child is like nothing else

【構文】not so much A as B、not so much as V

・ It is not so much for baseball that I go to studium as to enjoy the atmosphere

be known for/to
・He is well known to everyone.

・It is difficult for me to solve this problem.

・This problem is difficult for me to solve.

・Musetta Vander has been to several of the most famous national parks in the United States.(VOAより引用)

・I studied hard only to please my mother.

・If I were in your shoes,I would consider it an opinion.
・ if you wish to cancel your order for the product,you must notify us in writing.
・The party was just as fun as I had anticipated it would be.

・Nothing is as valuable as health.

・The needed operating funds should be distributed to such companies as quickly as possible.
The lesson of the past is that it is unwise to believe the figure that is given at the outset.
・I am so excited to go back to school, to be with my teachers and my classmates after three months.
・Three years is not enough to learn English.
【比較級】much better than
・Horses picked out photos of their current keepers, and even former keepers whom they had not seen in months, at a rate much better than chance
・On National Teacher Day,we recognize the countless men and women who dedicate their lives to instilling character, integrity, and knowledge in the hearts and minds of our Nation’s students.

・Some governors never stoped ,which proved to be very smart.
・Everything looks ready for the party.
【so/as/too/how 形容詞 a 名詞】
・It’s much too hot a day to go out.
・Type 2 diabetes is sometimes attributed to obesity.
【be likely to】
・The older you are, the more likely you are to have a heart attack.
・The book is intended for little children.
【chance】【There is 構文】
・There was a chance to die on the journey.
・Granted, he is a clever guy, but I am not comfortable with him.
・I’m not a vegetarian but I never eat meat.
【It is-of 人 to~】
・It’s nice of you to say so.
・I heard someone taking in a loud voice

There is 構文
・I don’t want there to be any misunderstanding.
・We wish you a merry christmas
・The doctor told me not to run as it can exacerbate my knee injury.
be to 構文
・My dream is to be a professional baseball player.

・In dreams begin the responsibilities
【so-that構文、not so-that構文
・ He is so kind that he helps me a lot.
・ This question is not so difficult that you cannot answer it.
・ Most men will be survived by their wives
・ He ascribed his success to his wife’s advice
名詞構文 所有格+v’+of/to~】
・Men’s love of a quiet life and his resistance to anything that threatenes his mental harmony account for his dislike of change
・he is a good speaker of English
・ telling the truth makes nice things happen that we didn’t expect
・ it feels good to do the right thing
【sv that節、関係詞内省略】
・ I speak from experience When I say that you should hire an attorney when filling a claim.

・Your message help me get by
・When your partner points out something you need to improve on , take a deep bleath and pause before responding


・I prefer classic literature to contemporary works.
・I can enjoy a cup of coffee on saturday morning

【There is 構文、新情報、旧情報】
・Once upon a time,there lived an old man and an old woman in village. The old man…
・Throughout the history of science,new technologies are known to have made possible eye-opening discoveries.
・I want to be somebody more than I am
「be動詞+形容詞」+ that節
・I’m disappointed that she can’t join us.
・Behind this lies the wider idea that the building should be loved for what it is.
・It is adults who create the world where our children will grow up.
【倒置 cvs】
・Impossible is nothing.