mainly,most likely

According to speaker

dose the man(women) say,According to the man(women)

What —- does the speaker describe?
What problem….? →答えは問題
What field…?→答えは分野 work in~のinは分野を示すin
What task…?→答えはタスク
What change…?→答えは変更点

4.【職業を聞く設問 】 Part3,4 69問中7問 Part7 54問中3問
・Who is the man(women,the speaker,the listeners, 名前)?

・What tipe of business does the speaker work for?
・What is the women’s job?
・Mr.Ken is employed by what tipe of business?
・What position is appropriate for Mr.Ken?
・Mr. Ken is employed by what type of business?
・What does the speaker`s business sell?

radio host,city official,television actor,professional artist,software developer,store manager,product designer,jounalist,telephone company,advertising firm,actor,accounting professional,Web site designer,biology professor,medical receptionist,parmacy owner ,recruiter,musician,computer manufacture,
shipping seravice,fasion designer,photographer,art deler,architect,writer,librarian,career coatch,computer technician,

Who is Mr.Ken still waiting to hear from ?
Who will contact Mr.Ken ?
Who is asked to respond to the notice ?

【For whom】
For Whom is notice intended ?

【次のアクション(過去のアクション)を問う設問】 Part3,4 69問中14問 Part7 54問中4問

What will Ken do —— ?
What (does the man say)he will do ——— ?
What will the speaker be doing —–?
What will happen ——?
What will take place —–?
What is scheduled to happen tomorrow?

What did Ken do —– ?


What will Ken do in May?(月)
What (does the man say)he will do before making decision?(決断する前に)
What will the man create ?
What did Ken do last month?

in Junuary〜December,on Monday〜Sunday,this weekend,next ,nextweek
,tomorrow., before making decision


Why will the man’s work be easier next week ?
Why will a meeting be held ?
Why is the trail currently closed ?
Why will the restaurant close temporarily ?
Why do Mr.Ken sessions lack registrants ?
Why does the man call the women?
Why is the man asking the man about —?
Why is Ken unavailable today ?(対応できない理由)
Why was the e-mail sent ?
Why dose Mr.Ken mention magazines ?
Why does Mr.Ken mention the ABC Library?


・What is the conversation mainly about ?
・What is the speaker discussing ?
・What is the purpose of the article ?
・What product are the speakers disucussing ?
・What is the topic of tonight meeting ?
・What tipe of service is being advertised ?
・What does the man say about the service ?
・What is stated about the job being ad?
・What is indicated about Tokyo Interiors ?
・What does Mr.Ken suggest about the eXbit?
・What is one of Mr.Ken’s goals with the project
・What position is most appropriate for Mr.Ken?

What does the man inform the women about ?
What does the man suggest ?
What are the listners invited to do online ?
What are readers of the notice encouraged to do ?
What does Mr Ken offer to do ?
What does the woman ask about ?
What does the inquire about ?
What does the woman ask the man ?
What is required ?
What does the man ask the women for ? 答え 名詞
What does the man ask the woman to do ? 答え 行動
What does the speaker say needs to be decided ?
What does the speaker request ?
What is Mr.Ken being offered?

What does the man say “_______” ?
What does the man imply he says “_____ “?
What is S intended to help mans do ?
(チャット問題)At 〇〇
What does Ken mean when she write “_____ “?

What problem does the women mention ?
What is the man concerned ?

※選択肢はnegative word
— is not working
— is not available
— is understaffed
— is incomplete
— is closing early/has closed
— is incorrect
— is missing
— is slow
— is expensive
— is weak
— is hard to remember

— cannot transfer

An appointment must be canceled.

When is the event that Mr.Ken would like to attend ?
When will conference attendees go to the ABC Restaurant ?

Where does the conversation take place ?
Where does the speaker work ?
Where is the announcement taking place?
Where will the successful candidate work ?
In what city is the Modern Art Museum located ?

What is different about the ABC product ?
What do the partitions have in common ?
What do all the position in the ad have incommon ?


What can the listeners check on a web site ?

what is available until —-?
What can the listeners receive ?
What prize may be awarded to ABC members who renew by certain date ?

What will the man create ?
What did the men distribute to the women ?
What did the Mr.Ken send with the e-mail ?
What do attendees do at the game club meetings ?
What is Mr.Ken unable to do ?(対応できない事由)

How does the speaker find inspiration ?
How should customers check their status ?

The word “____” in paragraph 1, line 4 is closest in meaning to