I can certainly omit some of the details about my work at Geoteam Laboratories.



what will remain the same each day.

To confirm receipt of an order.

A list of access number.
The user’s Pin number
Rates for various countries.
A contact number for ABC
→please call a ABC customer service representative at the number printed on the reverse of your card.

Discounted rates are not available for calls made from payphones or to international mobile phones.

out of stock
It is unavailable for purchase.

I will call your office next week to provide full details on this invitation.
→Mr.Akira will talk to Dr.Yuu

Could you formulate your suggestions into a brief proposal for her and Robert?
→Express some ideas concisely.

The post-purchase cost of ownership will be lower, as well, owing to its excellent build.
→the sturdy construction

by Otis, which is known for economy vehicles, not luxury

The Odyssey’s price is far less than that of the Shultz XLS.
→less expensive

・our location is unbeatable in terms of convenience.

・as it offers a surprisingly broad selection of dishes.→a variety of items

・ I regularly go there on business
→He has been to ABC more than once.

This is a great way to make a big impression with our firm’s first appearance at this particular exposition.
→It has never exhausted 〜 before.

we will arrange for you to speak in our largest lecture space.

・The front desk manager apologized and offered to upgrade me to a room with a terrace and a view of Haddleton for free, but I opted to stay in a less expensive room that still had a view of the bay.

a driver from Marquis Limousine was to meet us at the airport in Los Angeles to take us to the dock.
→But once we got outside, the Marquis driver was nowhere to be found.